Display Card Value Pack

  • £10.00

If you make beautiful products, then they deserve to be packaged and presented beautifully too! In this value pack you will receive:

40 cards:
20 x A5 Logo Display Cards (150 x 210mm)
20 x A6 Logo Display Cards (105 x 150mm)


80 cards:
40 x A5 Logo Display Cards (150 x 210mm)
40 x A6 Logo Display Cards (105 x 150mm)

Printed on top quality 300gsm textured white card, these bow cards are personalised with your logo or business name at the top and your social media tags and/or website along the bottom. Choose from landscape or portrait orientation, with the option to have rounded corners also available.

Please email me a high resolution image of your logo amy@inkpapersparkle.co.uk if I don't already have it.

These cards come un-sliced as there are many different ways you may want to cut your cards. A rotary cutter or craft knife & ruler will allow you to slice your cards easily.

A6 bow cards are approx 105 x 150mm
A5 bow cards are approx 150 x 210mm